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Commemorative Publication

Nature and Life in Yamanouchi Town
~In Harmony with Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve~

Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve marked its 40th anniversary since registered as a Biosphere Reserve in 1980. In commemoration of this occasion, Yamanouchi town produced a commemorative publication that academically summarizes the "characteristics of the natural environment," "the relationship between nature and human society," and "efforts to conserve and utilize resources" in Yamanouchi town. Please make use of this publication to cherish the splendor of Yamanouchi town's nature and traditional culture, and to help "create a town with dreams and hopes."

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commemorative publication(PDF)

Management and operation plan

Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve Management and Operation Plan

Based on the principles of the UNESCO MAB Plan and the Biosphere Reserve System, Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve Council has formulated a basic plan for the conservation, management and operation of Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve. In line with the policies of this plan, our town will also preserve the local biosphere in consultation with the towns and villages that make up Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve and related organizations, aiming for sustainable development of the local community.

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Usage Guidelines for Logo Data

Guidelines for
Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve Logo

In accordance with the principles of Biosphere Reserve, we have prepared a guide and precautions for the use of our original logo, which is to be used for activities in Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve, in order to encourage everyone concerned to use it actively. Although the logo belongs to Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve Council (registered trademark), we request that you use the logo in accordance with the guidelines in order to unify the image of Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve and increase its effectiveness.

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About Subsidies

Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve Activity Support Subsidy

This program provides subsidies for activities that contribute to the protection and conservation of the natural environment and biodiversity in Shiga-highland Biosphere Reserve, as well as the inheritance and development of traditional industries, lifestyles, and culture in the region.

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